Tenerife Holiday

Tenerife sits just off the coast of Africa and makes up part of the archipelago which is called the Canary Islands.

The island is volcanic as are all the others and it is a popular holiday destination for many.




Because Tenerife is just a short flight from most European destinations, it’s very convenient for both long and short visits and prices are very reasonable.

A popular place to get information about the island is Tenerife Forum which covers every topic you can think of which will make your Tenerife holiday complete.



Holidays in Tenerife caters for all types. Whether you’re looking to just relax by a pool and sip those juicy cocktails or fancy some adventure by hiking the highest peak in Spain and taking in the beautiful landscape, Tenerife has something for everyone.


Mexico Travel Deals

Planning is key to enjoying a great vacation when visiting Mexico. Taking the time to plan your trip ahead of time is the best way to enjoy your vacation. Planning is not only needed to enjoy your vacation, but to stay within your budget, have access to entertainment, and have a backup plan should anything go awry.

When creating a Mexico travel plan, it is advised that you include the cost of your trip, as well as your spending money. If you are planning a family trip, you may want to let your children participate in the plan by letting them decide where they like to go and what they like to see. A Mexico travel plan is also important because it can and should be used to manage your time. Careful planning can prevent burnout. You are encouraged to make a list of the top destinations that you would like to see. Be sure to include museums, beaches, historical landmarks, and anything else that peaks your interest.

Planning your budget will help prevent spending on an impulse. You will find that there are many opportunities to purchase souvenirs in Mexico. With a preplanned budget, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of Mexican shopping. You can easily use calculators to determine the exchange rate between the United States and Mexico. Taking the exchange rate into consideration is the best way to effectively budget your money. You should also plan for tipping when preparing your budget.

If you decide to vacation at an all-inclusive resort, then the cost of airfare, hotel, and food will be provided for. However, it is important to note that certain restrictions may apply. At an all-inclusive resort, you will have to pay for the extras, so make sure that you include anything that you may to purchase. Extra money should be set aside for shopping in the markets and traveling outside of your resort.

Planning for your entertainment ahead of time will help to prevent overspending. You should determine ahead of time what activities you would like to engage in. Planning and budgeting for your Mexico vacation can be difficult, especially when it comes to entertainment. You may find that you and your family will want to make a last minute stop. This is why it is advised that you plan for unexpected stops and purchases. If you have already set aside some money for an unexpected activity, you will not have to worry about the cost of a last minute decision.

Finally, your plan should consist of contact information and an emergency back up plan. Whenever you are visiting a foreign country, it is important that you create an itinerary with all of your information and the details of your trip. That itinerary should be left with a close friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker. In addition, you should also register with the United States Embassy or Consulate offices when you arrive. If anything happens while you are in Mexico, seeking the help of the U.S. Embassy or the nearest consulate office will provide the quickest and most effective assistance.

Before leaving for Mexico, make sure that you have up-to-date passports for all family members, as well as other forms of identification. By creating a travel plan, sticking to your budget, and creating an emergency backup plan, you can ensure that you family will have a wonderful vacation in Mexico.

Travel To China

China is one of the most glorious countries to visit and this year you can see it all. China is a magical country full of old and historical sights and many wonders. There is no other country that has sights as fantastic as the Great Wall of China and all of the old places where the monks used to live thousands of years ago. Add to all of this beauty the supreme glory that is the scenery and you have a place that dreams are made of.

China is the type of place that you think only exists in real until you see it for yourself. When you step out onto one of the many mountain peaks and look down on the mist and the world below you will find that your breath is completely taken away. It is stunning and if you do not take cameras and camcorders and tons of extra batteries you are going to be sorry for it. You need to capture these sights on camera so that you can always remember and share those memories with those who were not lucky enough to come with you on this magnificent trip.

Here are some of the top places for you to visit when you go to China:

Hong Kong
This is of course a must see place. Everyone has herd of this great place but so many do not get the wonderful opportunity to see it for themselves. When you go to China you need to see Hong Kong for yourself. There you will get to spend some quality time soaking up the atmosphere. You can see the day life and the nightlife there, it is so different than it is in western countries. You will also find that Hong Kong has the best shopping world wide. No other city on earth can offer this kind of shopping and everyone will be able to find something that they can love and enjoy for years to come.

This is a place that so many people have not thought to even travel to and oh how these people have missed out. This is one of the top destinations, or at least it should be. When you visit Guangzhou you need to start in one area and move from there. Checking out Guangzhou place by place is the most efficient way to do it. Make sure to not leave until you see Colonial Canton for yourself.

Dongguan is full of all the top museums that China has to offer. If you love to see museums and all that the history of this great country then this is the place to go to do it. In just a couple of days you can learn so much and experience even more.

China is a fabulous place to visit no matter how young or how old you happen to be. Both adults and children will be able to enjoy all of the wonders of China.

Spain Travel Packages

Below you will find a list of some of the better Spanish cities I’ve visited outside of Madrid, with a short commentary on each:

Granada- Old city with heavy Arabic influence definitely worth a visit. Check out the Alhambra, the Albaicin (the old Arab quarter), the Turkish baths, and the main drag off of the main plaza. Most bars give out free tapas if you purchase a drink (even soda), and the tapas in Granada are much better than those in Madrid. The nightlife in Granada is famous and most clubs don’t close down until after 7 AM. There is a cool club called Kamborio in the Albaicin and another called Granada 10 (pronounced Granada Diez) off of the main drag.

Barcelona- Much more cosmopolitan and fun than Madrid during the day in my opinion. I took the double-decker tour bus around the city and thought it was a good way to see all the sites in a short period of time. Check out the Barrio Gothic, Las Ramblas, the yacht harbor, the beach, La Sagrada Familia cathedral and all the other works by architect Gaudi. The restaurant crowds get huge at two pm for lunch, so try to beat the rush. Port Olympico is a good area for nightlife, filled with bars, cafes, and many English-speaking tourists. It’s also right on the water, which adds to the atmosphere.

Marbella/ Puerto Banus- Two of the nicest towns I’ve visited in Spain. Within five miles of each other, both beach towns are filled with resorts, expensive homes, first-rate shopping, big yachts, and a wide variety of restaurants. After you’ve had enough traditional Spain, these areas are a nice change. Almost everybody speaks English, the buildings are relatively new, and you’ll feel like you are back in the first world.

Tarifa/ Morocco- Tarifa is the windsurfing capitol of Europe, and the city resembles a California beach town. It’s a great place to learn to kitesurf (two day minimum for lessons), windsurf, or go canyoning (climbing and sliding down water falls- with a guide). Tarifa is also a good jumping off point for a daytrip to Morocco. I took a guided tour of Tangier, which was really inexpensive and fun. The downside to the tour is that they push you into their own bazaars, rush you at times and try really hard to sell you carpets and spices. Even so, everyone on my tour agreed the day trip was worth doing. An overnight stay would give you a much better chance to see the city.

What I’d Skip on a Short Vacation

Cadiz- Tacky beach town with a cool history. The city is pretty run-down and not really worth a special visit.

Segovia/ Toledo- Unless you plan to spend a long time in Madrid, don’t waste your time on either. Segovia was cooler than Toledo, although a little harder to get to. Segovia has good food, a cool castle, a Roman aqueduct, and not much else (5 hours worth of stuff max.). Toledo is similar to any other old village in Europe, and its museums are really lacking. There is a historic synagogue, a small museum dedicated to El Greco, and a big Cathedral.

Car Rentals

When utilising car rentals abroad there is a myriad of considerations that must be made even before you leave the house. For instance, it is essential to have an understanding of the traffic laws of the country or countries you will be visiting. Typically this information will be available from the car rentals company although the consulate or national embassy will also have details of the rule of the road. Obviously ensuring that your driving licence allows for foreign travel and that you have been driving for long enough to drive abroad is essential. Naturally a plan of the journey should also be made, at least for the first day’s travel.

There are number of items that should also be taken on the journey whether using car rentals or not. The modern age has given us the wonder that is the mobile phone and understandably it is important to take this with you when travelling as if any emergency occurs it will be useful. It is also worth checking if it will work abroad as some phones do not allow for international roaming. Most countries, especially in Europe do not allow drivers to use their mobile phones whilst driving so it is always advisable to pull over to make calls.

When looking at car rentals it is a good idea to check and compare the prices of many different companies. When looking on the internet take care because some companies will not give the price in its entirety on the website. Additionally it also advisable to see what will be included in the rental contract. Questions you should ask include, is there a collision damage waiver? Are there any additional taxes? And, how much will any excesses cost?

When utilising car rentals it is also advisable to take note of the company’s opening times, fees are often charged for late returns and if the depot is shut, another day’s rental may be charged. At this stage it is also important to look at the types of rentals on offer in conjunction with your own needs, while an all terrain vehicle may be comfortable, is it really needed? Would a smaller economical car be a better course of action, especially if visiting cities?

It is vital to notify car rentals operatives at the time of booking if travelling with young children. Across Europe it is now required by law that child seats be fitted for all children under the age of twelve or less than 1.35 metres. In addition the majority of countries will have laws on allowing small children to sit in the front seat. Fortunately the majority of rentals companies will be able to provide child seats when hiring the car.

When the time comes to visit the car rentals depot and pick up the vehicle there are a number of vital checks that should be made. Firstly check the car for any damage and highlight this to the representative, not doing this may mean charges are incurred later on. Always keep your copy of the rental contract as this is your proof of using the car, many authorities make spot checks of vehicles, and without the correct documentation it could look like you have obtained the vehicle unlawfully.

Hopefully this advice on car rentals will aid many travellers in the hire process. There are many considerations to be made but with a logical approach it is possible to find the right company and have the best experience.

Best Hotel Deals

In Austin hotels heavy discounts are offered, even for four- and five-star hotels. These discounts can be up to 70 percent of the room charges. So if one is lucky enough, or if one does a bit of online research, one can get a four-star hotel room for a two-star price. The chances of getting a discount are higher if you are getting your room booked well in advance.

If there is a group of tourists visiting the city, they can always seek bargains in their room rent in most of the hotels. However, these discounts are mostly offered only when the number of rooms booked by the group is more than

10. Some smaller hotels can give a group discount even if the number of rooms booked is less than that.

There are a number of online and offline resources which provide information about the ongoing discount rates offered by various Austin hotels. Go through them before you get a hotel room booked. Then there are certain websites which provide reviews of these hotels. These reviews often include comments from not only the writers, but also from ordinary people who stayed at these hotels.

However, not all hotels provide discounts. Also, one must verify the kind of services offered by the hotels which are offering heavy discounts. The information sheet provided by such hotels must be read very carefully, since to make up for the discount they might have removed the free breakfast from your list and in the end you might end up shelling out more money for breakfast than you have saved in the discount on your room rent.